A chilling novel by one of Northern Ireland’s new and up and coming storytellers Brian Fulton. Set primarily in Northern Ireland, it is a terrifying story of one man’s fight to stay on the right side of history.
Operation REVERT – Brian Fulton

Jason Wright came from a happy and loving family but that changed when he started to ask questions about his parent’s migration to Canada. When Jason delves deeper into the reasons why he and his family had to move, it has an effect on him which ultimately changes his life. This story takes us into the politics of terrorism and how it can change the landscape of a country if left unchecked. It takes Jason into a world of danger. Where he is willing to risk everything for a country he loves.

As Northern Ireland’s hopes for a lasting peace starts to look like a real possibility. A silent coup to overthrow the government is starting to take root within the UK. The enemies of Ulster are using the local police services and media as a masked weapon to incorporate espionage and influence politics that would ultimately lead to a United Ireland. The secret service at Mi6 is aware of the dire situation and the speed of the developing coup. They have a team put in place to take drastic action against the conspirators and co-conspirators. They are all too aware they have a small window of opportunity to take back the country and prevent a civil war. The code name for this plan is called Operation REVERT. Jason Wright is the leader of the team who will execute the plan with deadly force.

Unfortunately, unbeknownst to Jason, the conspirators already know about him and the operation to stop their course of action. Jason now finds himself unwittingly on the other side of the law, betrayed by someone he trusts. Someone who knows no empathy and will kill to get what he wants.


The book interweaves several different perspectives on the continuing conflict in Northern Ireland and how they interact with one and other. This novel took over three years to complete to make sure the readers stay engaged and motivated, forming their own connection with the story.

This exciting political crime thriller is the newest novel written by Brian Fulton and has so far been very successful in gaining a public following with 14 thousand plus Facebook fans so far and growing. Brian hopes to release Operation REVERT’s sequel – REDLINE late in 2019.

*NEW: The latest novel by Northern Ireland author Brian Fulton “REDLINE” is the sequel to his best seller which ends on a cliffhanger. Jason, who is the main character finds himself a victim of his own success. 

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